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(If different to contact above) Once confirmation emails have been sent for workshops, the school will be charged a €50 non-refundable commitment fee.)
We need a lead-in time of 4-6 weeks as we need to check availability with the trainers in your area. Please Enter Date Format: dd/mm/yy
Please Enter Date Format: dd/mm/yy
Tick what class you would like us to visit (virtually or in person)
For example: x3 children + x1 parent face to face workshops 9.30-10.30: 4th class 11.00-12.00: 5th class 1.15-2.15: 6th class 7.00-8.00: Parents Face to face workshops are 60 mins long. Online workshops are 30-40 mins.
Eg. Students with special educational needs / any further guidance on dates that suit / Any recent cyberbullying incidents in school?