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Enquiry Form

(If different to contact above) Once confirmation emails have been sent for workshops, the school will be charged a €50 non-refundable commitment fee.)
A minimum lead-in time of approx. 2 weeks is required in order for us to source a trainer. Please Enter Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy
Please Enter Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy
Tick what class you would like us to visit (virtually or in person)
Face to face workshops are 60 mins long and online workshops are 45mins with 10 mins required between workshops. For example 2 third class and 2 fourth class online workshops. Example of format of details required Session 1 Third class Ms X 10:00am to 10:45am Session 2 Third class Mr X 10:55am to 11:55am and so on If possible please also provide number of students in each class.