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Roots of Empathy - Volunteer

Roots of Empathy 

Roots of Empathy is a programme for primary school children. The programme’s aim is to increase empathy - the ability to understand how another person feels. Children learn to care for and respect each other, which leads to a reduction in bullying and aggression.

At the heart of the programme are a neighbourhood baby and parent who visit the classroom every three weeks over the school year. However, due to COVID 19, our traditional programme has been adapted to offer virtual delivery as an option for the 2020-21 school year. Roots of Empathy currently needs parent and baby volunteers to take part in the programme.

Here's how it works:

  • Babies must be between 2 and 4 months old in October/November 2020.
  • Some of our programmes will be starting in October/November 2020 and some in January 2021, and will continue through to the end of the school year - we ask families to commit to the entire programme.
  • Parents need to agree to and ensure they have the ability to share photos and videos with the class (GDPR guidelines will be followed). 
  • Parents may be invited to join the classroom on a virtual platform (Teams, Zoom etc.) with their baby, where technology is available in both the parents’ home and the classroom, giving the students an opportunity to ask questions of the parent and observe the parent and baby interaction.
  • The programme helps children to learn about a baby’s needs and how babies develop, and lets children observe the loving relationship between a parent and baby.


We are hopeful that there may be a physical return to classrooms sometime in 2021, but only when it is deemed safe for everybody. We will be monitoring the situation closely and adhere to all government guidelines.

Register Your Interest

If it becomes safe to bring the baby into the classroom, the volunteer family and the Root of Empathy Instructor will decide together how the family will continue to participate in the programme.