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Be Brave for Barnardos and take on an adrenaline filled extreme challenge!


Be Brave for Barnardos and take on an adrenaline filled extreme challenge!  There are some sporting challenges out there that call on you to feel the fear and do it anyway.  Show you’ve got the stuff heroes are made of and try your hand at an adventure race, a mud run, skydive, bungee jump or abseiling challenge!

Why do it for Barnardos?

By supporting Barnardos, you help us to continue delivering our vital services to vulnerable children and families across the country. In today’s Ireland, an estimated 138,000 children (that’s one in eight) are living in consistent poverty – the type of poverty that leaves them without the most basic of needs. For these children and their families daily life is a struggle and our services are vital in making sure they overcome the daily challenges that hold them back so they don’t slip through the cracks. With the incredible support of our donors we can be there to ensure these children have the best start in life and not get left behind.

Some Inspiration

Why not dive head first into a mud run this year like Runamuck in March and October, push yourself to take on an adventure challenge like Gaelforce West in October or take a leap of faith with a tandem skydive, bungee jump or a go at abseiling! 


Be Brave for Barnardos and take up a running challenge for children who haven’t found their feet in life.

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Be Brave for Barnardos and take your cycling up a gear! Ireland hosts a yearlong calendar of fantastic cycling events for all levels. 

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