Budget 2019

1 in 9 children in Ireland are living in consistent poverty. No child’s access to food, warmth, health care or education should be determined by how much money their parents have or where they live.

In 2016, approximately 138,949 children (aged 0-17) lived in consistent poverty. This is one in nine children – equivalent to the entire population of a county like Wicklow, or Mayo.

Children living in poverty live on the margins, excluded from opportunities and often unable to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Poverty affects every aspect of a child’s life having short and long term consequences on their health, education outcomes and life chances.

Barnardos Budget Submissions and Analysis

Every year Barnardos makes recommendations to the Government as to how public funds could be best spent to support children. Barnardos has been a long-time proponent that the solution to tackle child poverty is a combination of increased availability of quality public services and sufficient household income.

Read our recent budget submissions and analysis:

Barnardos Children’s Budget 2019

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