Budget 2019

Budget 2019 has shown some efforts to tackle child poverty through much needed social welfare changes, but failed to deliver the ambition and vision required to meet its own target of lifting 100,000 children out of consistent poverty by 2020.

Additional help for families accessing childcare, greater capitation funding for schools, further parental leave and increases in social welfare payments are all welcome. However, whether these measures and others will fully address the thousands of children who are homeless; or waiting months and even years to receive vital healthcare; or adequately support families living with disadvantage remains to be seen.

The Government could have achieved much more if it looked beyond electioneering and listened to the people for whom Budget 2019 will have the greatest and longest lasting impact.

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Barnardos Children’s Budget 2019

Every year Barnardos makes recommendations to the Government as to how public funds could be best spent to support children. Barnardos has been a long-time proponent that the solution to tackle child poverty is a combination of increased availability of quality public services and sufficient household income.

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