Resources for Parents

Parenting Courses

Barnardos offers training courses for parents in various locations around Ireland. Search our parenting courses database to find a course for you.

Identifying Quality Childcare

Free eBook

Barnardos Learning and Development Service have created 'Your Child's Literacy Skills' and 'Your Child's Numeracy Skills', a series of short, easy to understand ebooks on how you can develop your child's skills with words and numbers. Suitable for parents of babies, toddlers and young children.

Publications for Parents

Barnardos publishes a broad range of material – both publications aimed at professionals in the early years and after school sector, and information guides for parents.


Barnardos offers a range of free, informative email newsletters aimed at parents, childcare professionals and anyone with an interest in children's issues.  They cover topics such as children's rights, family activities, research and more.  Subscribe now for free. 

Barnardos Library

The Barnardos Library, located in Christchurch Square, Dublin 8, is a one-stop-shop for information on issues relating to children and families. We have books and publications suitable for both adults and children.



Alcohol Abuse

Your Child's School

Barnardos delivers workshops, to primary and secondary school students, teachers and parents, that educate students on topics such as Internet Safety and Cyberbullying.  Barnardos also provides talks to schools about the work that Barnardos does to support children and families in Ireland.

To find out more  or to book a session, visit Barnardos and Your School

Resources from other Organisations

Help My Kid Learn - a great resource from the National Adult Literacy Agency. 



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