Why am I being bullied?

QuestionWhy me? Why am I being bullied?

AnswerYou probably ask yourself this question often. Why are they picking on me?

Some teenagers bully others because they are jealous, they have problems with anger, they are being bullied themselves or they have low self esteem and want to feel in control or that they have some kind of power.

Some young people are bullied for no particular reason, simply because they may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone who wants to bully will pick out something to be critical about. They may make cruel comments about:

  • Your weight
  • Your clothes
  • Your family
  • Your looks
  • Who you fancy
  • If you’re popular
  • If you’re smart and doing well at school
  • If you have a disability e.g. Aspergers, ADHD
  • If you’re a different religion, culture or colour to the person bullying
  • If you wear glasses or have a hearing aid
  • If you have health problems
  • Your sexual orientation or gender identity

Whatever it is, the person bullying will pick out something to try and ‘push your buttons’. It’s probably something that most other people don’t even notice or think about but for some reason, the person bullying uses it to target you.

For some people, the things they do or say can attract someone who bullies. Someone who brags or boasts about things may draw the attention of someone else who is jealous. Boasting can sometimes rub people up the wrong way. If you are proud of an achievement, remember to be modest about it. You can take pride in what you have done without making a big deal about it. Celebrate your achievements with people who are important to you – your friends and your family.

Whatever the reason, bullying is not fair and it’s NOT your fault.

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