Death - Everyone else has moved on

Question How come everyone else has moved on?

“People lie all the time, they say they’re fine but they’re not.” Conor


Everyone deals with their grief differently and everyone’s loss is different too. It might well look like others are moving on, but really, it is not possible to judge just by looking at how someone is behaving outwardly how they might be feeling on the inside.

The best way of knowing where they are at with their grief is to ask. It’s only natural that healing might happen at a different pace for each person.

Question How long will it last?


Grief changes over time – what was most painful today might not be as difficult next month or next year. The things that you most miss about your special person are likely to change over time too.

Grieving is not about trying to forget and move on, it's about trying to remember the person, feeling the pain of their loss, and still learning to live a full life without them. 

Coming to terms with someone dying doesn't mean that we forget that person, or that they stop being important to us.

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