Death - My friend is grieving

Question What can i say to my friend who has lost someone they care about?

pictureListen – above all, just be there and listen. There is nothing you can say that will change what happened or even make the person feel much better. So don't feel responsible for that. What's really helpful is to just be with the person, whatever mood they are in and keep them company in it.


Don't wait until they ask for help, just trust your gut and do something that you feel will be supportive. Sometimes a little thing like a hug can really make a difference. The grieving person may even become a little more upset or might cry but that's ok. They were already sad, you didn't make them sad by hugging them. It helps people to cry, and it will help you to show them that you care.
quoteIt's ok to ask your friend if they want to talk about it, and remember not to take it personally if they don't. If they become distant or hard to talk to, it will help a lot if you just stick by them.

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