Domestic Abuse - My parent has left

Question If one parent leaves, will I still be able to see them?

AnswerA lot depends on the circumstances in which a parent leaves and on what is agreed between the parents or sometimes through the courts. Where there has been violence or abuse in your family, your safety will be the priority. This might mean that your contact with a parent is supervised by an independent person to keep you safe or that you don't continue to see a parent if it is not seen to be in your best interest.If one parent leaves, will I still be able to see them? class=

As a young person, you have a right to have a say in decisions that affect you. The most important thing is to make sure that any contact you have with either parent is safe.

Guidelines for continued contact:

  • Your safety and welfare is the primary consideration in any decision to allow or arrange ongoing contact so the first step is to ask: 
    • Is it safe for me to have contact with my parent?
    • Will contact or access place my family or me at risk of more abuse?

  • Where continued violence, threat of violence or intimidation exists, contact should be limited, supervised and only take place in a safe venue.
  • Any existing Barring Orders, Safety Orders or injunctions must be upheld and not breached to facilitate contact.

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