Separation - Introduction

Dealing with Your Parent's Separation or Divorce

  • Worried about your parents separating?
  • Have they separated already?
  • Did it happen when you were little?
  • Do you know someone dealing with a separation and want to help?

Separation or divorce is difficult and stressful. Everyone in a family is affected. 
Get as much information, support and encouragement as possible to help you through it.

The information here contains answers to questions that come up for teenagers dealing with their parent's separation or divorce. There's also a Finding Help section with contact details of organisations, websites and help lines that provide advice and support.

Did you know?

You are not alone. 
Many hundreds of parents separate every year in Ireland.

Your parents are separating from each other - not you. 
Your father will always be your father and your mother will always be your mother.

It's not your fault. 
Your parent's separation is as a result of problems with their relationship - not with their children.

Give yourself space and time. 
It can be a confusing and difficult time for everyone, but things usually get better as time goes by.

It's completely okay to ask for help at any time. 
Your life might be going through some difficult and stressful changes.



All quotes in this section on separation come from young people who took part in a research study on their views and experiences of their parent’s separation. The study was undertaken by the Children’s Research Centre, Trinity College, Dublin in 2002 and is called ‘Children’s Experiences of Parental Separation’.  

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