Separation - Will everything change ?

Question Will everything change?



A lot of things change when your parents separate. Possible changes include:

  • Parents living arrangements
    Your parents probably won't live together any more. 
    This usually means one parent moving out of the family home or both parents setting up new homes. In some situations, parents may decide to separate but continue to live in the same house, living separate lives.
  • Your own living arrangements 
    Separation might mean moving house or school. In some families, brothers and sisters might live with different parents. You might be living between two homes and spending set times with each parent.
  • Separate time
    You'll have to get used to spending time with both parents separately. For some, this might mean seeing one parent more and not being together as a family for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.
  • Hard to concentrate
    You might find that worry, stress or tiredness affect you at school or college for a while. It might be difficult to concentrate or get the separation out of your head.
  • Family stress
    It can be hard seeing your brothers, sisters and parents stressed and unhappy by the separation.
  • Money worries
    Family finances might be affected. You might be more worried about the future.
  • New responsibilities
    You might be asked to take on additional responsibilities at home, such as looking after younger brothers or sisters or doing additional household chores. If so, this might involve some adjustments in your routine and perhaps less free time.
  • Different views
    You might feel hurt when other family members, like grandparents, aunts, uncles etc., have different views about the separation to yours, and it might seem like they are taking sides.
  • New partners
    One or both of your parents may begin dating or have a new partner. You might have stepbrothers or stepsisters.
  • Feeling forgotten
    You might feel that your parents are caught up in their separation and that your needs are ignored or forgotten, at least for a while.

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