Well Being - Friends & relationships

Question I am 13. My friends and I are always falling out with each other. Is this normal?

AnswerIt is completely normal for teenagers to be great friends one day and fall out the next. This is part of growing up. It is a way of finding out about healthy friendships and what you want in a good friend. This is someone you can trust, who treats you well and makes you feel good about yourself.

Question My friends have organised fake IDs so we can go to an over-18s disco. One friend's older brother will get us drinks. I'm not sure about this but I'm afraid they'll slag me if I don't go with them. What can I do?

AnswerIt sounds like you are giving some serious thought to this and that is the first step in deciding what to do. What are the consequences if you do what your friends suggest? You are experiencing peer pressure and do not feel comfortable with your friends' plans. Good friends care about you and wouldn't want you to get into trouble or take dangerous risks. Ask yourself is it worth going along with plans that you are not happy about? Many teenagers face these decisions. Look upon it as an opportunity to show how confident you are by doing what you know is in your best interests.

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