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Question I am 16 and have just found out that I am four months pregnant. I had lots of plans for the future but it looks like I will have to give up school soon. My mum has got over the shock but my dad still won't speak to me saying I have thrown away my life. I feel so alone and scared. Where can I find help?

AnswerDiscovering you are pregnant is a big deal for anyone and especially for a teenager. It's important to ask someone you trust for help and support as soon as possible. There are also services that can offer you advice and support:


Sexuality and Pregnancy

  • Your doctor (GP) will give you advice and support about taking care of your physical health and well-being.
  • Positive Options, a crisis pregnancy agency, offers information and counselling on crisis or unplanned pregnancies to all age groups throughout the country. They won't judge you but will help you to know what's available and where to go for further help. It is a free service. Visit positiveoptions.ie or Freetext list to 50444 for further information.
  • Teen Parents Support Service offers practical and emotional support for you and your family. Check if there is a service in your area. The national coordinator can be contacted at Treoir Tel: (01)6700120 / loCall 1890252084 Email: info@treoir.ie, Website:www.treoir.ie
  • One Family offers social and educational support and advice. Contact them at Tel: 01 6629212 / Lo-Call 1890 662212 or Email: info@onefamily.ie, Website: www.onefamily.ie
  • If a pregnancy is the result of a trauma, such as abuse or rape, help and support services are available from Rape Crisis Centres and the social worker at your local HSE health centre.

Question I think I might be gay. How do I know for sure? Who can I talk to about it?

AnswerquotePart of growing up is about discovering different things about yourself and that includes your sexual identity. You may not be sure about it yet and might feel confused and worried. It really helps to talk to someone you trust about it, like a friend, brother or sister, parent, a teacher you trust or a counsellor. It is not necessary to talk to friends about it unless you feel happy enough to do so. Check out the websites belongto.org and spunout.ie for further information. You can also contact the Gay Helpline at 01/8721055 Monday-Thursday 7.30pm to 9 30 pm where you can talk in confidence to someone who understands your questions and concerns.

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