Well Being - Taking care of your well-being

quote The teenage years are, on the one hand, very exciting but also at times can be a bit daunting. Some days you feel great and the next day you can feel less confident or in a bad mood. All this is normal but sometimes it is hard to deal with such changes. It's important to look after your mental and physical health. It's likely your friends feel the same sometimes too.

You may also have to deal with difficult issues such as a loss when someone close to you dies, parents separating, moving house or you might be experiencing bullying. You need extra support with these and it helps to talk to someone you trust about it.

Writing things down can help to work through your thoughts and feelings. You could keep a diary or create a blog for yourself .

picture Your body is going through a lot of physical changes too and you need to take care of it. This means getting plenty of sleep, staying active and eating a healthy diet. The body and mind work together and looking after both of them is necessary in order to feel well. Having things to do socially, like sport or other hobbies help to keep you well and happy. Well-being is about making positive decisions for yourself so that you can grow and develop and achieve your potential.

The most important friendship is the one you have with yourself. Give yourself the love and respect you deserve.

Ten Tips

Ten tips for respecting who you are: 

  1. Be happy with who you are.
  2. Your actions are different to who you are. You can still like yourself even if you don't like some of the things you do.
  3. Don't measure yourself against others.
  4. Think about the things you want in your life and set goals to achieve them.
  5. Talk yourself up. Say nice things to yourself. You don't have to look outside yourself to feel good. You can feel good by saying and thinking positive things about yourself.
  6. If you are good at something, keep doing it. Develop your talents and share them with others.
  7. Keep a journal or diary. Writing down your thoughts can help you to think clearly, and work out what you want.
  8. Look after yourself: exercise, eat properly, rest and relax.
  9. Spend time doing things you enjoy and are good at.
  10. Spend time with people who treat you well and make you feel good about yourself.

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