Well Being - Talking to your parents

Question I am a 14-year-old boy. I don't know why, but my parents and I argue a lot, especially about my curfew. It seems they are constantly on my case and it's driving me crazy.

Answer It is normal to feel irritable sometimes at your age. This is because a lot of changes are happening to you such as:

Talking to your parents

  • Physical - Your body is growing and changing.
  • Emotional - Hormones, which are necessary for your growth and maturity, but can make you feel a bit irritable and moody sometimes.
  • Social - You want to see more of your friends and less of the family. You also want more freedom and independence. This can be hard for parents, who worry about your safety and well-being.

If there is an argument with your parents about your curfew, try to stay calm. Avoid shouting back. Try to agree on a time that is reasonable for you to come home. Parents worry less if they know where you are and when you will be back home.

If you keep to the curfew your parents are more likely to trust you in the future.

Question I am in second year and I hate maths. The problem is my dad is a maths teacher and he is always at me and we end up arguing. What can I do? I dread the thoughts of four more years of this.

AnswerIt is easy to see that your dad has a great love of maths and wants to share this with you. You, on the other hand, might enjoy other things more. It doesn't mean that you are bad at maths but you could think about the following suggestions:


  • Your dad wants the best for you and if you stay calm, tell him how you feel and then listen to what he has to say you have a better chance of finding a solution.
  • Perhaps accept some help with maths from your dad.
  • If you don't want help from your dad, you could compromise by agreeing to accept help from someone else.
  • If that fails ask someone else to talk to him, like your mum, older sister /brother or anyone in the family or friends.
  • You could talk to your maths teacher in school.
  • Let your dad know how much you enjoy other subjects and in this way he will get to know you better as a person. Tell him about your dreams for the future where maths may not be such a big deal.

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