Well Being - Understanding changes

Question I have acne and I'm not as big as the other boys in my class. I'm embarrassed, especially when we have PE or swimming. What can I do?

Answer Teenagers go through a lot of changes in their bodies while they are growing up. This can feel uncomfortable for a while but it will pass. Changes include things like developing body hair and sexual organs, increased appetite, periods for girls and voice changes for boys. Some teenagers grow faster than others, that's just because we are all different and not because there is anything wrong with you or you will not grow and develop.

Understanding Changes

It's normal for teenagers to get acne and is a sign that you are growing and maturing. It can be embarrassing but there are probably many other boys and girls in your group who have spots too, so you are not alone. In fact, approximately 80% of young people will experience having spots at some point in their development. Take a shower every day and stick to normal good hygiene practices. Eat a healthy diet, avoid greasy food and have plenty of sleep. It may be helpful to get advice from your doctor if you are really worried and stressed out with them, but most spots clear up by themselves.

Question My parents want me to go to a party where I won't know anyone. I can't even wear the clothes I want! It's embarrassing being around people I don't know. I hate when people are looking at me. What can I do?

AnswerIt is very normal at your age to feel a bit self conscious and awkward around people you don't know very well. You would probably prefer to be with your close friends. It's also normal to have different opinions than your parents. It just means that you are becoming a bit more independent and developing your own style and sense of who you are. Yet it is great at your age to be able chat to parents about things, they still love you as much as ever, even when you don't always agree. You might have to compromise a bit regarding the clothes and work out what you all feel comfortable with. Your parents might remember how they felt at your age and this might help. Why not ask them about that?

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