Conscious Parenting

Contact Details

Organisation: Conscious Relationships Project (CRP)
Contact name(s): Sara Anderson
Telephone: 074 9734005
Mobile: 086 2545669
Email: [email protected]

Programme Details

Target audience: Parents in general, Parents of children 0-5, Parents of children 6-12, Parents of children 13-18, First time parents, People who parent alone, Post separation parents, Fathers, Foster parents, Carers/guaardians, grandparents and teachers
Theme/subject matter: General Parenting, First Time Parenting, Special Needs, Raising more consciousness about what is going on in the relationship with the child.
Method of delivery: Group work, One-to-one work, Home visiting, Tele-session
Programme aims: To understand what is motivating the child's behaviour. Learn to look at what is behind the behaviour, the feelings and needs of the child; Develop the ability to see things from the child's perspective; Develop more awareness and consciousness about what is really going on in our relationship with our child and in relationship with self while we parent; Develop understanding and skills in emphatic listening; Learn more about anger, what is really going on when someone is angry, triggers, about what happens in the brain when someone is angry, and how to respond to anger in the child and/or in the parent; Understanding self compassion, learn how this can help and support us in our parenting; Learning about how our own childhood can impact on how we are in close relationships in adulthood and how it can influence how we parent; Exploring our strengths as a parent, and also looking at what we want for our children - a manifesto for parenting. Within the course/workshop there will be presentations, big group exercises, small group work and lots of opportunities for sharing and exploring your own personal parenting challenges.
Resources used: Parenting Peer Leadership Program, Bay Non violent communication project, US (; Daniel Siegel, Parenting from the Inside Out, Mindsight; Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance; Marshall Rosenberg, Raising Children Compassionately, Living Nonviolent Communication: Practical Tools to Connect and Communicate Skillfully in Every Situation; Peter Levine, Waking the Tiger (about trauma); Inbal Kashtan, Parenting from the Heart.

About the Facilitator

Name: Sara Anderson
Qualifications: Parenting Peer Leadership Programme, thur Bay NVC, California,; Completed 9 month online intense course for 3 consecutive years (focuses on nonviolent communication or compassionate communication in parenting); Diploma in Peace building; Cert in Mediation; Cert in Youth Work Studies; Cert in Assertiveness; Postgraduate Diploma in Dramatherapy.
Experience: Lot of experience as facilitator in groups and working with children in many different settings. Was on the Barnardos panel of trainers, set up and ran a youth project for the HSE for 3 years, workshop at ISPCC national conference, 5 years working with homeless children, lots of experience working with children with special needs, running drama group for children, have run parenting groups in Donegal. A large part of my learning comes from my own struggles, challenges, learning and growth in single parenting a child over the past 7 years.

Location & Duration of the Programme

County Donegal
Local venue:  
Other details about the location of the programme: Based in Donegal town. For courses run over number of weeks am willing to travel max hour and a half travelling time from Donegal town (with petrol costs). My work is mostly done during school time hours. Available to travel further for longer workshop e.g. day long.
Number of sessions: I tend to run sessions for 6-8 weeks, but I have also run a 4 week course for a couple in their home, so it really depends on the needs of the group.
Frequency of sessions: Weekly
No. of hours per session: 2 hours though can do day long sessions
When is the programme held? Mornings, Evenings, At weekends
Is childcare available? No

Booking the Programme

How do I book a place on the programme? Self Referral
Total cost incl. materials: €60 for 6 week group and €40 for session in the home (max. 4 people)