Effortless Parenting - We all deserve calmer homes

We are parenting in challenging and fast changing times. More than ever do we require parenting tools that are consistent and provide us with a strong foundation to raise capable, successful adults who will benefit for life.

Contact Details

Organisation: Effortless Parenting
Contact name(s): Annett Murphy
Address: Courtbrack, Blarney, Co. Cork




Email: effortlessparenting@gmail.com
Website: www.effortlessparenting.ie

Programme Details

Target audience: Dads, Mums, Single Parents, Grandparents, Childminders, Blended Families etc. who raise children from infancy to adolescence & beyond
Theme/subject matter:
  • Learn effective alternatives to reward and punishment
  • Raise more co-operative children, less sibling rivalry, reduced screen-time, less risky choices
  • Gain a deep understanding of dissolving misbehaviour such as power struggles
  • Raise emotionally aware children with healthy boundaries
  • Juggling Self-care as a busy Parent
Method of delivery: Interactive and experiential learning through demonstration, role play and exchange within group
Programme aims: To help families in their busy daily lives. This course will lighten the load, it offers support and participants learn skills how to enjoy a more peaceful parenting approach.
Resources used: Books on Adlerian Psychology

About the Facilitator

Name: Annett Murphy
Qualifications: Working mother of 2 children
Experience: 3 years facilitation on parenting courses, private consultations, full-day workshops, workshops in workplace and schools

Location & Duration of the Programme

County Cork
Local venue:  
Other details about the location of the programme: Courses are run from home, in rented venues in central Cork and online.
Number of sessions:

8 week Evening Course

Also available: Full day Seminars, Private Consultations, Workshops to Parents in School, Workshops in the Workplace

Frequency of sessions: Weekly
No. of hours per session: 2 hours including tea break (8 Week Evening Course)
When is the programme held? Throughout the year
Is childcare available? No (Breastfeeding Mothers are welcome to bring babies along)

Booking the Programme

How do I book a place on the programme?

Register through www.effortlessparenting.ie

Total cost incl. materials:

€ 135 per person

Also available:

  • Early Bird Discount
  • Single Parent Discount
  • Bring a Friend Discount

(Healthcare insurance contribution may apply)