Irish Association of Relationship Mentors (various)

Contact Details

Organisation: Irish Association of Relationship Mentors (IARM)
Contact name(s):  The Secretary
Address:  Dublin, Countrywide
Telephone: 0879849158
Mobile: 0879849158
Email: [email protected]

Programme Details

Target audience:

1. Parenting Self and Children ( Course on Family Wellbeing)
2. The Teenage Years (Mentors with Born Smart Training & Cert)
3. Relationship, Relationship, Relationship
4. Realising Your Potential

Parents in general, Grandparents, Guardians, Teachers, Child Carers

Theme/subject matter: Parenting Self, Family Relationships & Feelings, Family Communication, Helping our children become response-able, Challenging Behaviours, The Teenage Years, A different kind of discipline
Method of delivery:

One to one, Groups, Couples, Classroom, Workplace

Programme aims: To support parents in their everyday parenting challenges. Parenting courses provide an opportunity to reflect, and an invitation to explore new ways of parenting in a safe, non-judgemental space. The courses encourage ways to create a calm & peaceful home environment where relationships flourish.
Resources used: Various

About the Facilitator

Name: Irish Association of Relationship Mentors
Qualifications: Hdip in Relationship & Parent Mentoring NFQ Level 8, University College Cork
Experience: Various experience depending on the individual Parent Mentor in your area

Location & Duration of the Programme

County County; Most Counties: please see our website for locations
Local venue: Countrywide - email:[email protected]
Other details about the location of the programme:  
Number of sessions: 6-8 weeks
Frequency of sessions: Weekly
No. of hours per session: 1.5 - 2 hours
When is the programme held? All year
Is childcare available?  

Booking the Programme

How do I book a place on the programme? Please go to our website or email [email protected] We will be happy to assist you .
Total cost incl. materials: Costs vary, please contact [email protected]