Barnardos Parenting Programmes

Contact Details

Organisation:   John Sharry / Solution Talk
Contact name(s):   John Sharry
Telephone:  086 7340114
Mobile:  086 7340114
Email:   [email protected]

Programme Details

Target audience:


Parents in general, Parents of children 0-5, Parents of children 6-12, Parents of children 13-18, First time parents, People who parent alone, Post separation parents, Fathers, Foster parents, Blended families
Theme/subject matter:  General Parenting, First Time Parenting, Behaviour Management, Special Needs, Post-separation parenting, Drugs-misuse/prevention, Sex Education
Method of delivery: Group work, 
Programme aims: This programme aims to develop learning and thinking abilities. The logo, a triangle (Greek letter 'D'), symbolises partnership with parents.
Resources used: Parents Plus Programmes: Dr. John Sharry presents on different apsects of the five evidence-based Parents Plus Parent Programmes which he has developed: Parents Plus Early Years Programme, Parents Plus Children's Programme, Parents plus Adolescent Programme, Parenting when Separated and Working Things Out Programme. See and for details.

About the Facilitator

Name: Dr. John Sharry
Qualifications: DPsych Psychotherapist, MSc Social Worker.
Experience: Over 25 years working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Developer of Evidence-based Parenting and Mental Health Programmes, Author of books on Parenting and Positive Psychology. See for details.

Location & Duration of the Programme

County All Counties
Can be held anywhere in the country on request. Mainly Dublin city centre.
Other details about the location of the programme: .
Number of sessions:  Not specified, Providing parenting support in a variety of models including: public seminars/talks, half day workshops, 3-6 week courses, 1 day weekend course and small group work.
Frequency of sessions:  Fortnightly
No. of hours per session:  
When is the programme held?  Evenings, At weekends, Depends on the needs of the participants
Is childcare available? No 

Booking the Programme

How do I book a place on the programme? Self Referral, Referred by professional
Total cost incl. materials: This varies depending on what is being provided ranging from free of charge to €150, mostly in the €15 - 75 proce range.