Meeting Anger

Contact Details

Organisation: Sara Anderson Lifecoaching & Wellbeing
Contact name(s): Sara Anderson
Telephone: 087 7189 620
Mobile: 087 7189 620
Email: [email protected]

Programme Details

Target audience:

Parents in general, Parents of children 0-5, Parents of children 6-12, Parents of children 13-18, First time parents, People who parent alone, Post separation parents, Fathers, Foster parents, Carers/guardians, grandparents and teachers.

Theme/subject matter:

This course explores anger, its causes and contributing factors, and what is really going on when someone is angry. This could be in relation to your child’s anger, your own anger, or both.
We’ll explore topics such as:

  • Brain science and what is going on in the brain when someone is angry. You’ll often find that under the anger is stress, so we’ll explore what is going on when we are stressed and learn how to release stress using EFT (a tapping technique) and mindfulness.
  • The links between thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • What might be triggering you or your child, and how to develop skills in catching the anger in the early stages.
  • How our own experiences of anger as a child can impact on how we react to anger in adulthood.
  • How to empathically listen and support your child so they can find ways of expressing their intense feelings in ways that do not cause suffering to others.
  • How to support yourself when experiencing intense feelings and develop more skills in holding what is going on inside you, rather than acting out. Develop a tool box to deal with and meet those moments of anger.
  • How to consciously choose how you respond to anger, so that rather than reacting in ways that do not feel good and that do not help your relationship with your child, you can develop skills to help you react in healthier, more positive ways.
Method of delivery:

This course is suitable for:

  • groups
  • couples
  • one-to-one (these last two options allows us to hone in on personal parenting situations in a safe familiar environment, and it is also helpful for a parent who is not comfortable in a group setting, or who is limited time wise

It can be delivered:

  • face to face
  • online via Zoom

over 4 x 1.5hr sessions /  2 x 3 hr sessions or  for those who live far from Donegal, it can be offered as a one-day  workshop

It offers a variety of ways to learn, including:

  • Short talks
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Hand-outs
  • Videos
  • Small group work in break-out rooms
  • Individual exercises
  • Reflections as a group
It is set up to be a friendly space, where everyone feels welcome and there is a sense of ‘mattering’. Sara sees her role as a facilitator, not just a tutor, and leads the session in a way that encourages discussion and reflection.
Programme aims:

To help you to understand what is going on behind your child’s or your own anger, and to give you a toolkit for dealing with intense feelings in a compassionate, respectful way.

There will be lots of opportunities to explore your own personal parenting challenges. You will be introduced to new concepts but - more importantly - you will learn how to integrate these new ideas into your life when you go home.

Resources used: Parenting Peer Leadership Program, Bay Non violent communication project, US (; Susan Skye, NVC Academy on her work on beliefs and anger; Stephanie Bachman Mattei (tutor on PPLP course) on brain science and anger; Daniel Siegel, Parenting from the Inside Out, Mindsight; Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance; Marshall Rosenberg, Raising Children Compassionately, Living Nonviolent Communication: Practical Tools to Connect and Communicate Skillfully in Every Situation; Peter Levine, Waking the Tiger (about trauma); Inbal Kashtan, Parenting from the Heart; Kristin Neff and her work on self compassion.

About the Facilitator

Name: Sara Anderson
Qualifications: Cert in Life coaching; Parenting Peer Leadership Programme, through Bay NVC, California,; Completed 9 month online intense course for 3 consecutive years (focuses on nonviolent communication or compassionate communication in parenting); Diploma in Peace building, Cert in Mediation, Cert in Assertiveness, Postgraduate Diploma in Dramatherapy, Cert in Youth Work Studies.

Sara is a life coach and wellbeing facilitator with lots of experience working with individuals (adults and children) and groups in a variety of settings.

In the past, Sara has worked with young people for more than 7 years, and was on the Barnardos panel of trainers and has several years’ experience working with homeless children and children with additional needs. Some of Sara’s achievements include:

  • setting up and running a youth project for the HSE for 3 years
  • delivering a workshop at an ISPCC national conference
  • setting up parenting group in Donegal
A large part of Sara’s learning comes from her own struggles, challenges, learning and growth in single parenting a child over the past 7 years. She is driven by her passion for personal development and growth, and her desire to help others reach their full potential.

Location & Duration of the Programme

County Donegal, within 3 hours of Donegal and Online
Local venue:  
Other details about the location of the programme:  
Number of sessions: Varies. A 5-8  hour program delivered over 4 weeks or 2 mornings or as a day long workshop
Frequency of sessions: Varies
No. of hours per session: Varies
When is the programme held? As needed
Is childcare available? No

Booking the Programme

How do I book a place on the programme? Contact Sara Anderson
Total cost incl. materials: Varies, depending on location, number of participants and format of program