The Incredible Years Programme

Contact Details

Organisation:  INCADDS
Contact name(s): Rose Kavanagh
Address: Unit 17A Ballybane Enterprise Centre, Ballybane, Galway

091 755090

Email: [email protected]

Programme Details

Target audience: Parents in general, Parents of children 0-5, Parents of children 6-12, Parents of children 13-18, People who parent alone, ADHD Families
Theme/subject matter: General Parenting, Behaviour Management, Special Needs
Method of delivery: Group work,
Programme aims:  Offers parents the chance to develop new skills to help their child improve their behaviour with practical step-by-step suggestions.
Resources used:  Mobile phone, TV, Videos, flip chart, 2 facilitators and 15 - 20 parents. Carolyn Webster-Stratton (Seattle)

About the Facilitator

Name:  Nicole McGuigan
Qualifications:  Co-ordinator of Edstart, Galway City Partnership 
Experience: 6 years

Location & Duration of the Programme

County  Galway
Local venue:  
Other details about the location of the programme:  Resource Centres in Galway city and county
Number of sessions: 12 and 20 for ADHD
Frequency of sessions: Weekly
No. of hours per session:  2 hours
When is the programme held? Mornings, Depends on the needs of the participants
Is childcare available? No

Booking the Programme

How do I book a place on the programme? Self Referral, 
Total cost incl. materials: Free