Advocacy in Barnardos

Our aim is to seek change and improve Governmental laws, policies and procedures across all areas that affect children's lives.

We do this by ensuring that the knowledge, experience and insights Barnardos has gained through working with children and families are heard at Governmental level. These experiences are wide ranging and can relate to education, health, child protection, poverty and housing. Barnardos believes it is vital for the child's voice to be heard in policy making as it will assist in creation of more child centred policies and laws.

We influence the political system through a range of mediums including:

  • Meetings with key stakeholders and policy makers
  • Political meetings with Government and opposition parties
  • Compiling evidenced based policy submissions to influence work of Governmental committees and departments
  • Working in partnership with parents, children and other children’s organisations
  • Media - TV, radio interviews and print media articles
  • Public awareness - surveys, posters, billboards and campaign websites calling on for public support

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