Budget 2013: Barnardos' Children's Budget

Children's Budget 2013

7 Dec 2013

Budget 2013 was regressive and deeply unfair. Many of the cuts and tax increases will disproportionately affect families already struggling to survive on low incomes. The worst effects will come from a straight cut to Child Benefit, the outrageous cut to the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance and tax increases through changes to PRSI.

Read Barnardos’ analysis of the Budget measures that relate to children and families (PDF document)

In summary, Budget 2013 will mean that:

  • A family with three children will lose €456 per year due to cuts in Child Benefit, this will increase to €606 if these children are eligible for the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance.
  • All workers earning over €18,305 will pay an extra €264 per year in PRSI; that increase is the same for all employees, whether they earn €20,000 or €120,000.
  • Families who own their own home will pay at least €45 in property tax in 2013, rising to €90 in 2014 (based on a property valued at €100,000).   

5 Dec 2013

Barnardos Statement on Budget 2013: Government Measure of Success is Pushing More Families into Poverty

Current Government Economic Policies are leading to more children experiencing poverty:

Living Expenses

In 2012, 1.8m people left with €100 or less at the end of the month after essential bills are paid

42% of consumers have had to borrow money to pay bills in the last 12 months

Unfair Burden

Impact of current policies has seen the poorest 10% of earners in Ireland suffer a drop of 26% between 2008 and 2009 alone, while the richest 10% showed an increase of 8%.

Family with 4 children living in rural area lost €1612 in 2012 due to reductions in Child Benefit payments and the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance and increases in fees under the School Transport Scheme.

A lone parent with 2 children lost €537 in 2012 due to cuts to Child Benefit, the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance, the Fuel Allowance and the increased minimum contribution towards Rent Supplement.

Unemployment Rates

2007 unemployment rate <5%

2012 unemployment rate 14.8%, 8.8% is long term unemployed

Barnardos Children’s Budget Key Recommendations:

  • Reform Child Income Supports in an equitable way. Any changes must be phased in over time and guarantee some compensation to particularly at risk families, including lone parent families, to ensure no child is pushed further into poverty by reforms.

  • Begin investment and development of a ‘Scandinavian Model’ of comprehensive childcare and after-school care system for 0-12 year olds. This involves maintaining funding for the Free Pre-School Year and extending the scheme for a second earlier year for each child. Also develop an after-school services national policy that would oversee the roll out of subsidised quality after-school services across the country.
  • Ensure sufficient financial resources are allocated to enable the Child and Family Agency achieves its objectives of reforming the delivery of child welfare and protection services in Ireland.
  • Refrain from any further cuts to frontline educational supports in all schools.

Barnardos Children's Budget 2013

Children's Budget 2013Download and read the Barnardos Children's Budget 2013 (PDF document)








Barnardos and Start Strong report comparing Irish and Scandinavian childcare systems

Read the report by Barnardos and Start Strong that compares the current provision of childcare and after-school services in Ireland with the Scandinavian systems: Towards a Scandinavian childcare system for 0-12 year olds in Ireland? by Barnardos and Start Strong