The Real Cost of School in 2017

The new school year is fast approaching and many parents are struggling to find the money for new books, uniforms and voluntary contributions.

Every year Barnardos informs the Government just how much parents are spending to send their children to school and we remind the Government of their responsibility to deliver truly free education for all.

But we can’t do this without YOUR input!

If you have a child in school, please spare 5 mins to take Barnardos’ School Costs Survey and let us know how much you spend getting ready for the new school year.

 If you have a child in primary school:

Take our primary school survey

 If you have a child in secondary school:

Take our secondary school survey

Barnardos will base its recommendations to the Government on the information you provide. Your input is vital.

Share the Survey

Can you please take a moment to share our survey on social media? The more responses we get the more pressure we can apply on the Government to tackle school costs. Thank you so much!

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