Barnardos Centres

Barnardos works in the heart of disadvantaged communities with children and families whose well-being is under threat. We provide services in a total of 40 projects nationally. In 2016 we worked directly with more than 14,100 children and families.

Our services are delivered to children and families in the following project contexts:

Family Support Services

Family Support Services

Barnardos Family Support Services work with children and families across the age ranges of the three “Best” age categories. Some of our family support services have a particular focus e.g. families impacted by parental drug misuse, teenagers, and special needs.

Early Years / Tus Maith Services

Tus Maith Early Years Service

Early Years / Tus Maith Services: the target of these services is children in the Best Start category of 0-5 years. Our key focus is on supporting children’s school readiness. We have one specialised early year’s service in Jobstown which works with children with learning disabilities and a service working with children from traveller families in Teso (Finglas).

Teen Parent Programmes

Barnardos Teen Parent Programme

Barnardos Teen Parent Programmes work closely with teenage parents and their children to promote and nurture their educational, emotional and social well-being. The Service is available to both teen mothers and teen fathers. Barnardos has three Teen Parent Programmes, one in north Wexford, and two in Dublin. Barnardos also has an education support programme to help expectant teens and student mothers attending secondary school in Waterford.

Family Welfare Conference

Family Welfare Conference

Barnardos Family Welfare Conference is a facilitated meeting to consider what should happen in relation to a child. A Family Welfare Conference offers family members, friends, or other people who are important to the child, a chance to get together to discuss how to sort out any problems and make future family plans to help the child. The target of the Family Welfare Conference is typically children in the Best Chance and Best Choice age categories and their families, but it is also available to children in the Best Start category.