Specialist Services

Barnardos offers a variety of specialised services to provide further support to children, parents and families, ranging from post adoption support to assistance during difficult times such as coping with the death of a loved one to representing children in court.

Children's Bereavement Service

Barnardos Children’s Bereavement Service is a service for children and young people who have lost someone close to them – like a parent or a sibling - through death. We work with families to help them to support their child through the grieving process.

Guardian Ad Litem

The Guardian Ad Litem services provides children involved in family law proceedings with an independent voice in court.

Origins Tracing

The Barnardos Origins Tracing Service is for people who spent all or part of their childhood in an Irish industrial School and are interested in tracing information about their parents, siblings or other relatives. The service is available to people in Ireland and abroad.

St Mary's Tuam Support and Advice Service

Barnardos St Mary’s Tuam Advice and Support Service offers confidential and professional support to people affected by St. Mary’s Mother and Baby Home.

Post Adoption Service

Barnardos Post Adoption Service offers a range of services for adopted children and teenagers, adoptive parents, adopted adults and birth family members Barnardos.

Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is a schools-based programme that has shown significant effect in reducing levels of aggression among school children by raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy.

Amplifying Voices

Amplifying Voices (AV) is a Barnardos programme with the aim of strengthening the voice of children and young people on issues affecting them. The purpose of the AV project is to test, develop and demonstrate models of effective rights-based participation leading to better outcomes for children and young people.

Garda Vetting

Barnardos Vetting Service can assist in the processing of Garda Vetting applications for a number of groups/organisations who are not directly registered with the Garda Central Vetting Unit.

Homemaker Family Support Service

Barnardos Homemaker Family Support Service is a home based family support service that helps parents in a practical way with their parenting capacity and household routines.

The Homemaker Service is an initiative by Limerick City Children's Services Committee and Start Right.



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