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E-Vetting Update: August 2016

Barnardos Vetting Service has now completed its move to an E-Vetting Service. Barnardos would advise that all organisations with vetting requests commence the process as soon as possible.

Advice for organisations wishing to access vetting :

  • At the request of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA), Barnardos is assisting in the processing of Garda Vetting applications for a number groups/organisations who are not directly registered with the National Vetting Bureau (NVB).  If you are not already registered with Barnardos, please contact us directly by telephone, email or letter (contact details below) in order to establish if  we will be able to assist your organisation/group with your vetting requirements.  Organisations accessing vetting through Barnardos’ Vetting Service will then receive an Information Guidance Pack and the necessary forms to start the process.

The process:

  • Barnardos receives the invitation form (NVB1) and confirmation of Identity from the organisation, checks the paperwork and enters the details into the e-vetting system provided by the NVB. 
  • The applicant will then receive a link via email from the NBV inviting them to complete their application online.  Barnardos would urge applicants to fill this form in asap so that the NVB can commence their vetting check.
  • Please note August is a particularly busy month for vetting. The NBV are currently taking 10 – 15 working days to complete a check and Barnardos Vetting Service is currently taking 10 – 15 working days to check paperwork, process invitation forms, review vetting applications on line before submitting them to the NBV and print and post out the results.     

Re-vetting :

  • Please note that while there is a requirement in Section 3 of the new vetting legislation to repeat the vetting process, it is not necessary to immediately submit forms for all your existing staff. Staff, volunteers, etc, undertaking relevant work should be re-vetted on an ongoing basis in line with your own policy.

Important note:

  • Over 40% of requests for vetting have paperwork missing or include forms that are filled in incorrectly  – this slows the process and increases administration.  To avoid unnecessary delays, Barnardos would urge organisations to read the Information pack carefully and to use the Check List provided in the pack each time you forward a request for vetting.

Contacting us

The service can be contacted by telephone, email or letter to our Cork office.

Barnardos' Vetting Service
Blackmore House
Meade Street

Tel: 021 4547060, line open between 2.00 p.m. – 4.45 p.m, Monday - Friday.




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