Post Adoption Service: Birth Mothers Group

Birth Mothers Group

Course outline

Was your son or daughter placed for adoption in the past?

Would it help to talk about it?

Barnardos Post Adoption Service runs confidential meetings for women whose children have been adopted.

These meetings are an opportunity to talk about experiences in the past and perhaps to prepare for contact with a now adult son or daughter.

Some women may have met their adopted child/adult already and would like support around the outcome of the meeting.

Mothers who have been linked with their adopted sons or daughters through the National Adoption Contact Preference Register or who are considering joining the Register will fi nd the meetings very helpful. The meetings are run as a course over six sessions.

Many women have found these meetings to be of invaluable assistance in moving forward with their lives.

The service is independent and completely confi dential. There is no charge to attend the course but donations are welcome to cover costs.

Some of the topics covered in the courses are:
  • Parting with a child for adoption
  • How this experience has affected the mother’s life
  • Seeking information about your child
  • How adoption affects others e.g. adopted people, adoptive parents
  • All about the National Adoption Contact Preference Register
  • Searching for your son/daughter - what should you expect?
  • What happens after reunion?


When: The course is usually run twice a year; in the Spring and in the Autumn. 

Follow up: We run ongoing support groups for women who have completed the course in Barnardos.




Our confidential helpline is available on 01 - 454 63 88 and is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am - 1pm.
You can email us on [email protected]

Barnardos Post Adoption Service is supported by the Health Services Executive and through donations from people who use the service.