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Choosing Childcare

Choose the best care and education setting for your child

Young children are cared for and educated in a range of childcare settings – at home; with relatives; with childminders; in sessional services (preschools, playschools, naíonraí); and in part-day and full-day care settings such as crèches and nurseries. 

Barnardos has produced this booklet for parents and carers of young children to help you choose the best care and education setting for your child.

This booklet includes:

  • Detailed information about why quality really matters in the early years
  • How children learn and what they need in order to be able to learn best
  • Importance of communication and of early years services working in partnership with parents
  • Information on the national quality supports available for all early years services
  • Information about the different types of early years inspections
  • Suggested set of question you may wish to ask a service provider to support you in finding out about the quality of their service.
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