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Partnership with Parents

Barnardos’ Partnership with Parents (PwP) programme is designed to support parents to build their parenting skills. The programme aims to strengthen the parent-child relationship and improve the lives of children and families through:

  • Supporting parents (or anyone carrying out the parenting role) to build their skills to parent effectively
  • Barnardos’ staff working one-to-one with the parent, or with couples together
  • Work that takes place in the family home

Who is Partnership with Parents for?

The Partnership with Parents programme is suitable for parents with children between the ages of 0-18 years, who are looking to improve their parenting or who feel overburdened.

The outcomes Partnership with Parents aims to achieve are:

  • Improving parent-child communication
  • Increasing parent’s understanding of, and ability to manage, their child’s behaviour
  • Improving the child’s social development
  • Introducing consistent routines
  • Increasing parent’s involvement in the child’s education
  • Ensuring the child’s physical needs are met
  • Increasing parent’s ability to manage crises effectively

How does it work?

Partnership with Parents is tailored to meet the specific needs of the family. It consists of six optional plug-in’s or modules. The parent and worker will agree which of  the following will be most helpful:

  1. Parent-child relationship
  2. Behaviour
  3. Social development
  4. Routines
  5. Education
  6. Physical development

Parents are offered one, or multiple, plug-in’s depending on their needs. The programme can also support parents to deal with crisis and practical support challenges.

Barnardos have designed an activity booklet (or workbook) for the parent and a guidance booklet for staff for each plug-in. Together, these provide a framework for each session.

Outside Ireland?

Barnardos is the provider of Partnership with Parents within the Republic of Ireland. Outside Ireland we provide training and technical supervision to enable other organisations deliver the programme to their client group. If you work outside the Republic of Ireland and are interested in finding out more about Barnardos Partnership with Parents please email [email protected]  

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