Big Toddle FAQ's

Answers to some frequently asked questions about Barnardos Big Toddle

Q: How does Big Toddle work?

Once you have registered to take part, we will send you a Big Toddle Pack with everything you need to organise your own Big Toddle. You’ll receive stickers, hats and a fun colouring competition for each child in your group. We encourage all the children in your group to enter our Big Toddle Colouring Competition for a chance to win a super prize for one very lucky family, as well as a special prize for your Big Toddle Group. Your pack will also contain a poster so you can let everyone know the details of your Big Toddle, as well as a helpful guide, which will help to inspire your fundraising and help to make your Big Toddle a super fun day for everyone. 

And it’s not just about playing dress up! We will give you some inspiring and creative ideas to make your Big Toddle a fun opportunity for your little ones to learn about themselves, each other and the community around them. 

Toddle time is May & June and you can decide when and where you’ll hold your Big Toddle within those monthsToddle events can take place outdoors in a play-area or garden, or you can Toddle in your local park of along a nature trail, subject to your own insurance and following Department of Health guidelines on health and safey and social distancing. If you can’t take your Toddle outdoors, don’t worry! Our helpful guide will provide ideas on how you can bring your Big Toddle indoors and still have lots of fun!  

Big Toddle Packs are available in English and Irish. If you are a Not for Profit groupyou can keep 25% of the money you raise to support your group. 

Once you’ve held your Big Toddle and returned your fundraising we’ll send you a very special Big Toddle Certificate for your group.  

Q: I just signed up, now what?

Check your emails. If you haven't recieved an email from Rachel check your spam and all the other email tabs. If you still haven't received an email please get in touch with Rachel on email: [email protected]

Q: What distance do we have to Toddle?

A: Whatever you’d like! Toddles are usually a half-mile which can take place outdoors in a play-area or garden. You could also Toddle in your local park or along a nature trail, subject to your own groups insurance and following Department of Health guidelines on health and safety and social distancing. Use your imagination to fit your Toddle to your group. If you’re toddling at home, you can toddle a shorter distance around your garden or living room.

Q: How do I raise money for Barnardos?

Raising sponsorship money could not be easier! Your Big Toddle pack will contain a sponsorship envelope for each child in your group which they can bring home. They can ask grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbours to sponsor them for taking part in the Barnardos Big Toddle!

If you have a Facebook page for your group, you can create an online sponsorship page for your group by setting up a Facebook fundraiser. We like Facebook Fundraising as all the money goes to Barnardos and Facebook do not take a fee. It' s easy to set up, just click this link and follow the steps

Make sure to set the end date to after your Toddle event, and be sure to add “Big Toddle 2021” to the title, then share the page with your Facebook friends.

Q: Where will my sponsorship go?

All funds go directly to Barnardos. The funds you and your little ones raise will support our Early Years services – programmes that ensure some of the youngest and most vulnerable children we work with are best prepared for the transition to ‘big school’ – and this year will see the biggest transition ever.

Q: How do I get my free Toddle pack?

Simply complete the registration form and we will send you out a Big Toddle pack with all you need to take part!

Any other questions?

Any other questions? Get in touch with our Big Toddle team on 1850 222 300 or email [email protected]

Happy Toddling!