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Resources for supporting adults

The below is a list of websites, books and videos to help support the non offending parent: 
COPE Galway Waterside House:

Developed a booklet in consultation with women on the COPE Galway Domestic Violence Service User Refuge Forum (SURF), who felt that a booklet outlining tips for mothers in this situation might be helpful. It is a result of listening to women in abusive situations who highlighted the parenting struggles and challenges they face after separating. The book is available on the cope Galway website and services can contact us directly if they would like a few hard copies. 

Follow my lead

“Our team uses the Follow my Lead document as a basis from which we understand how best to support a child or woman victim of domestic violence. This tool helps us to understand that all victim’s experiences of violence and control are different and that they themselves know best how to navigate the violence in the safest ways. Only they know the inner workings of the risks and control they live under and how their abuser is likely to respond to any action they make in connecting with supports”.  

Heart mind and body 

We want to provide you and your children with the opportunity to check in with your Heart, Body and Mind regularly.  There are lots of fun activities linked to keep your child engaged, and activities that the family can do together.  It is also important that you as the parent takes care of yourself. The Wellbeing for Parents section, provides tips on how to check in and be kind to yourself.  

Understanding Coercive control tools:

Download poster and leaflet ODVSS poster / Safe Ireland leaflet

How to be an ally to a loved one experiencing domestic violence:  

This book is for friends and family who know a loved one experiencing domestic violence and coercive control and would like to know how best to support them. It is also for friends and family who have concerns about a loved one, but who aren’t sure whether abuse is happening. Safe and Together Institute

Womens Aid UK 2019: Supporting women and babies after domestic violence and abuse

Together with Sterling University, Women’s Aid have created a toolkit designed for women working in specialist  services, who are working with pregnant women and women with very young children.

Supporting Traveller women:

To support Traveller women, Pavee Point’s Violence Against Women Programme is launching a leaflet and video giving Traveller women clear information on Safety and Barring Orders and the steps to take to get one. This informationn leafet is Traveller specific and was developed through working with Traveller Women’s Awareness Workers in Dublin, Cork, Wicklow and Carlow.

Impact of domestic violence and abuse on mothering and children
Supporting the male victim

Engaging the Parent who chooses to abuse:

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