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Barnardos Gifts for Good

Give a gift that keeps on giving

Say thank you in another way.

Barnardos Gifts for Good is our alternative gift range for your family and friends. For each Gift for Good you buy, you’ll be sent an individual card with an envelope in which you can write your own personal message to give to a loved one. 

By purchasing a Gift for Good, both you and your loved one will directly benefit a child or family that Barnardos works with. They are based on the most used items by families and offer practical supportboth now and into the future, while also opening a world of opportunity and restoring hope

Our eight different Gifts for Good range in price from €18 to €65, to suit all budgets. We also have a Care Bundle – a special offer of five Gifts for Good for €100.

Each Gift for Good purchased will help enhance Barnardos essential services in 54 service locations. The funds raised are allocated to our general appeal fund, allowing us to respond to a range of individual and often very complex needs in the most practical, efficient and impactful ways possible.

Your gift will support Barnardos work with over 20,000 children and families, ensuring the best outcomes possible for each and every child, helping them to reach their potential now and into their adult lives.

Please note – if Barnardos receives too many orders for one particular gift, your donation could be put towards another. This way your donation will directly benefit children in Barnardos services this year and beyond.

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