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Childhood Domestic Violence & Abuse Research corner


Stephanie Holt:

  • The impact of exposure to domestic violence on children and young people: A review of the literature
  • uckley, H., Holt, S., Whelan, S., Listen to Me! Children’s Experiences of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse Review
  • Holt, S., Post-separation fathering and domestic abuse: challenges and contradictions,
  • Holt/Overlien : European Research on Children, Adolescents and Domestic Violence: Impact, Intervention
  • Holt/Overlien : Letter to the Editor: Research on Children Experiencing Domestic Violences and Innovations

Emma Katz

  • Katz, Emma, Anna Nikupeteri, and Merja Laitinen. (2020). When Coercive Control Continues to Harm Children: Post-Separation Fathering, Stalking, and Domestic Violence.
  • Katz, Emma. (2019). Coercive Control, Domestic Violence and a Five-Factor Framework: Five Factors that Influence Closeness, Distance and Strain in Mother-Child Relationships.
  • Katz, Emma. (2016). Beyond the Physical Incident Model: How Children Living with Domestic Violence are Harmed by and Resist Regimes of Coercive Control


Cathy Humphreys:

  • Absent present
  • More present than absent


Jane Callaghan:

  • The Management of Disclosure in Children’s Accounts of Domestic Violence: Practices of Telling and Not Telling
  • Manipulation and Domestic Abuse in Contested Contact – Threats to Children’s Participation Rights
  • Beyond “Witnessing”: Children’s Experiences of Coercive Control in Domestic Violence and Abuse


Katie Lamb:

  • Your behaviour has consequences”: Children and young people’s perspectives on reparation with their fathers after domestic violence Katie Lamb, Cathy Humphreys, Kelsey Hegarty


Claire Houghton  

  • Young People’s Perspectives on Participatory Ethics: Agency, Power and Impact in Domestic Abuse Research and Policy- Making


Ruth Ellife:

  • Reconceptualizing the Child Victim in the Police Response to Domestic Violence


Marion Hester

  • The Three Planet Model: Towards an Understanding of Contradictions in Approaches to Women and Children’s Safety in Contexts of Domestic Violence


The Routledge International Handbook of Domestic Violence and Abuse 

Edited By John Devaney, Caroline Bradbury-Jones, Rebecca J. Macy, Carolina Øverlien, Stephanie Holt. Copyright Year 2021

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