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Síolta & Aistear Resources

Síolta Resources

Síolta is a set of national standards for Early Childhood Education involving a quality assurance programme, which aims to provide support and guidance for those working with and on behalf of children from 0-6 years.

To help practitioners implement Síolta, Barnardos Library has developed the collection of resources as listed on the Síolta Implementation Toolkit. The following resources are available to borrow by library members.


Community Involvment




Health and Welfare

Identity and Belonging

Legislation and Regulation


Parents and Families

Planning and Evaluation


Professional Practice

Rights of the Child


Aistear Resources

Aistear is the early childhood curriculum framework for all children from birth to six.

To help practitioners implement Aistear, Barnardos Library & Information Service has acquired a collection of resources as listed in Aistear: the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework: Appendices and Bibliography (NCCA, 2009). These resources are listed below.

Aistear Síolta Practice Guide

The Aistear Síolta Practice Guide is an online resource to support practitioners to use Aistear and Síolta together to improve the quality of their curriculum. NCCA have also made this short video, to explain more about the Practice Guide.

Resources available to library members

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