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Supporter Stories

“Barnardos helped my granddaughter… they saw something there that nobody else saw. They have guided her and helped her deal with situations in her life. She will turn into a fantastic young lady thanks to the calming influence and help that Barnardos have given her. It’s a great cause, it’s great work that you do. Having witnessed first-hand the positive effects of your work I see it befitting to give a little bit when it does so much more. Barnardos are making a real difference.”

“Because it's all about the children. They need a good start in life. Some children and families need a helping hand.”

“The clothes we wear and the cars we drive, none of it will matter a 100 years from now. But being important in a child's life can make the world a better place for good.”

“I have two young kids myself who are healthy and well cared for, wanted to give a little back to kids who may not be as lucky.”

“I really believe in the work of Barnardos. I believe the money is going to help these children and it means a lot to me.”

“A home based domestic charity which supports and advocates for children.”

“Because every child deserves to feel safe and be able to learn and improve their own fate. I really hope these children will be on a path to a bright future. Every child deserves one.”

“As a mother of five and a teacher I can’t bear to see children suffer through neglect, cruelty or injustice. That’s why I support the work of Barnardos.”

“I support Barnardos because all kids deserve a happy childhood to remember.”

“Because children matter.”

“In this day and age, no child should suffer.”

“It’s nice to think there may be a better world ahead for those without.”

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