Barnardos 2017 - 2021 Strategy

Barnardos' ambition is to achieve an Ireland where every child’s potential is nurtured and where childhood is valued by everyone.

To realise our hope of improving childhood outcomes in Ireland, we have focused on identifying what all children need. These aren’t just necessary ingredients for a happy childhood. They are the basis of all potential and they are the foundation of a healthy society and a strong economy. We believe that every child has a right: 

  • To be safe, have enough food and somewhere comfortable to call home
  • To have someone who looks after them and loves them no matter what 
  • To learn and have fun 
  • To feel accepted for who they are and to be part of a circle of family, friends and community who will understand them and value their opinions
  • To get help when they need it

Read our Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021


Barnardos photography policy

Barnardos uses a range of photographs. All photographs with difficult or challenging content are taken with child models.  All pictures of children are taken with parental permission.