Tulsa Early Years Policies

Developing Early Years Policies

The guidebook, policy samples/templates and other documents provided below have been developed by Barnardos in collaboration with Tusla to support you, as an early years provider, to develop your own set of policies, procedures and statements to meet the requirements of the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016.

The resources here offer an additional support to the information provided on the core requirements in the appendices of the Tusla Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF).

It is essential that you develop a set of policies and procedures that is particular to your own setting, to the type of service you operate, the families who use your service (currently or in the future), and to your own particular context.

A Practical Guide to Developing Policies, Procedures and Statements

Developing Policies, Procedures and Statements in Early Childhood Education and Care Services: A Practical Guide

This guidebook provides information and practical supports to help with the processes involved in policy development.

Additional Information

Context of Early Childhood Education and Care in Ireland

This document gives information on significant developments in the early childhood sector at local, national and European Commission levels over the last 12 years.

Rights of the Child

This document gives information on the rights of the child which will be a major consideration across all areas of policy and policy development.

How to Use the Policy Samples/Templates Provided Below

This resource gives information as to how best to use the policy samples/templates when developing policies, procedures and statements for your own setting.

How the Sample Policies/Templates Below are Structured

This sample policy provides information on the structure used for the policy samples/templates below.

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