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As part of our partnership with Aldi to raise €1million for Barnardos Early Years and Family Services, Aldi are generously offering multiple ways to support this Christmas!

Aldi are donating a portion of sales from these Festive Treats to support Ireland’s most vulnerable children this Christmas.

A variety of Christmas Cards, on sale – 18th November.

Selected Plush Toys including…

Kevin the Carrot, Marcus Raddishford and Ebanana Scrooge on sale from 25th November.

‘HOME’ the IRFU players cookbook on sale NOW!

You can also text KIDS to 40300 to donate  €4.

Text Cost €4. Barnardos will receive a minimum of €3.60.


Siobhan Greene, Director of Children’s Services for Barnardos commented: “During the last year, with the Covid-19 crisis, we have been supporting families in an immediate and practical manner, with a focus on safety planning, parenting support and education. We also offered a lot of support regarding understanding and managing the emotional impact and anxiety created by the crisis on both parents and children. As part of the practical things we did last year, we distributed over 6,300 education and activity packs to support children in their wellbeing and development while schools were closed. We are sadly seeing the immediate effects of school closures and know there will be long term impacts for many children. We are working hard at the moment to ensure the vulnerable children we work are ready to go back to and stay in school. Every euro donated will help Barnardos support those in need.”