What We Do

Barnardos' Mission

Our mission is to change the lives of children affected by poverty, neglect, homelessness and loss.

We provide vital services in forgotten communities throughout Ireland. We intervene early to build resilience in children and to strengthen families.

We work with children and families experiencing:

  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Neglect
  • Domestic abuse and violence
  • Parental separation and discord
  • Parental substance abuse
  • Parental mental health difficulties
  • Children exposed to trauma
  • Difficult family dynamics and conflict
  • Children impacted by the Care system
  • Mental health difficulties and self-harm in young people
  • Bereavement and loss

Barnardos belief in Early Intervention

The children and families we work with experience complex and often inter-related difficulties in a range of social, emotional and economic areas.

Without early intervention, the children we see every day would be unlikely to stay in education and develop the very basic skills, such as literacy and the ability to make friendships, necessary for adult life. 

By intervening early in a child’s life you reap the rewards both for the child and for society as a whole.

Change a child’s life

By investing in Barnardos you are changing a child’s life and positively shaping future generations.

The services and programmes delivered in a Barnardos centre or in a family’s home are all evidence-based, outcomes-focused and are routinely evaluated.

We are committed to measuring the impact of the work we do with children and parents to ensure real change is achieved.

Barnardos services need investment and public support to reach all of the families who need our help. Please get in touch with our Philanthropy team to get involved.