Join the Barnardos Yoga challenge and help children like Jaime

Join our Yoga Challenge this spring and help 105,000 children affected by poverty around Ireland.

Posted on Monday 29 April 2019 in Fundraising, Events

Jamie’s teacher raised concerns about his appearance. He looked malnourished and exhausted. But when Jamie came to his local Barnardos centre all he talked about were day trips to the moon and dragons!

In Jamie’s stories his parents were always superheroes trying their best to fight mean and ugly monsters. In reality, those monsters are poverty and isolation. Eventually, Jamie put his hand on his project worker’s and whispered: 'you promise not to tell? I’m really hungry.'

Barnardos tries to reach as many children like Jamie as possible. But we can’t do it without you. Your support could make the world of difference to Jamie, and thousands of others like him. Join the 2019 Yoga Challenge for Barnardos and help Jaime and children like him all around Ireland.

Join the Barnardos Yoga Challenge 2019.

We'll be practicing every day until we’ve done one Sun Salutation for each of the 105,000 children living in poverty in Ireland.

Here’s what you need to do:

All the details with plenty of encouragement and support can be found on the Facebook group, but don’t push yourself too hard. Go as slowly as you need completing your Sun Salutations.

If you don’t know what a sun salutation is, fear not, we have a video on our page explaining what you need to know!

The great thing about this is it can de all be done in your own time, so feel free to get saluting whenever and wherever you want. 


Please note that Barnardos accepts no responsibility and is not liable for any injury you may sustain while completing this challenge.