Barnardos Calls for Public Support  

Barnardos Giving Day, supported by Dell Technologies - Friday 9th September

Posted on Friday 09 September 2022

  • Barnardos reports a substantial increase in demand for support across all services
  • The charity calls for public donations to help them to provide families with basic essentials and support through the cost of living crisis
  • Families using Barnardos facilities to wash and dry their school uniforms and children’s clothes due to energy increases 
  • Charity reports increases in requests for support with fuel costs, food parcels, school supplies and basic family essentials like nappies, baby wipes and family toiletries


Friday 9 September 2022. Barnardos children’s charity is calling on the public to donate and give the gift of childhood this Giving Day, September 9th. The charity is calling for donations from the public for the children and families experiencing the very worst of the cost of living crisis. Families who were already struggling to cope are now facing a winter of severe financial pressure with some facing the heart-breaking decision of heating their homes or having food in the fridge.  

Mary Gamble Barnardos Director of Fundraising said: “Barnardos research has found that 70% of parents have reported cost of living increases have negatively affected their children over the past six months. Our staff across the country are reporting a substantial increase in demand for support due to the cost of living increases.  

“Families who we support who were struggling financially in the past are reporting that things are a lot worse and families we support who have managed well in the past, albeit with tight budgets, are now in need of help with bills and payments, admitting that they are finding things more and more difficult. 

“Barnardos helps children and families by providing both practical and emotional support. This year we have seen increases in the need for practical support like fuel vouchers, food supplies and giving parents access to facilities to wash and dry their clothes – this is due to the increase in energy prices. We are preparing for the winter now and will need to make sure children have things like warm coats and sturdy shoes. At Barnardos we believe childhood lasts a lifetime, so please donate today at ". 

Barnardos Ambassador Richard Sadlier said: “For 60 years, Barnardos has been there for thousands of vulnerable families, providing practical and emotional support for those in need, providing services from warm breakfasts and food parcels to therapeutic family support and wraparound care. But in this time of crisis, they need your support more than ever. I’m proud to support Barnardos work and I hope you will too by donating online at  Please give whatever you can to help ensure that Barnardos can be there for children when they need them most.” 

Sharon Woodcock, Vice President EMEA Real Estate & Facilities at Dell Technologies said: “We’ve been working with Barnardos since 2017, and in that time we’ve seen the breath of work Barnardos is involved in nationwide, and we’ve seen first-hand the impact that donations can have on the lives of vulnerable children. Today, the 9th of September, we’re calling on everyone to join with us to do what they can to support Giving Day in aid of Barnardos.” 

Barnardos staff said: 

  • ‘In all my years I’ve never seen so many families getting to the point of being cut off from electricity, having to make choices about what they are going to go with/without this week.’  
  • ‘You’d be blue with the cold after you visit several houses in a row.’ 
  • ‘All it takes is for one cost to crop up or one thing to breakdown and they are tipped into financial crisis’.