How We Work

We provide practical and professional supports for children, young people and families.

Barnardos deliver services and support through:

Barnardos is committed to a needs-led, outcomes focused approach in our delivery of services to children and families.

  • We work with children to help build their resilience; by focusing on their social, emotional, physical and educational development
  • We help parents to strengthen their parenting skills, improve their relationship with their child and help them to meet their child’s needs

Barnardos is committed to keeping children safe from harm. Barnardos has developed a safeguarding statement as required by the Children First Act 2015. 

Barnardos safeguarding statement outlines how we work to ensure our services are safe and how we respond to any concerns related to harm of a child quickly and appropriately.

Barnardos’ Beliefs

  • Every child needs to be safe, have enough food and somewhere comfortable to call home
  • Every child needs to have someone who looks after them and loves them no matter what  
  • Every child should have the opportunity to learn and have fun
  • Every child needs to feel accepted for who they are and to be part of a circle of family, friends and community who will understand them and value their opinions
  • Every child should get help when they need it

Barnardos Values & Code of Conduct

1. We’re for children
hope (candle)
2. We always see hope
justice (hands in air)
3. We believe in children's rights
value (hands clapping)
4. We value and respect each other
transparent (magnifying glass)
5. We are efficient and transparent in our work
partnership (hands shaking)
6. We believe in effective partnership

These values are underpinned by a set of principles and expected behaviours for anyone who works in Barnardos.

Supporting National Policy   

Our work is completely aligned with the government’s national policy framework for children: Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures.

Ensuring Positive Outcomes

To ensure quality service delivery Barnardos has:

  • a standardised assessment and review process which identifies children’s needs, the appropriate service response, and tracks progress towards agreed outcomes.
  • an internationally-recognised supervision model which ensures staff are accountable for their work and supported in their ongoing professional development.
  • a case management system which ensures that risk is monitored, and work is on track from the point of referral to closure.
  • an electronic record keeping system which includes a description of the work and the outcomes achieved.
  • a clear management structure to ensure our organisation works well and adheres to all legislative and policy requirements.
  • a comprehensive internal training programme for staff across key practice and policy areas.
  • a Library and Information Service available to all staff to access latest research.