TLC Kidz

The TLC Kidz programme is a group programme for children and mothers recovering from domestic abuse. It is currently being delivered in Tipperary, Waterford and Carlow.

This programme was evaluated in 2018 and demonstrated positive changes for children and families.

  • TLC Kidz is a 12-week, psycho-educational, group programme for children up to 18 years of age and mothers in recovery from domestic abuse. Groups for children and mothers are run concurrently.
  • The programme aims to help children heal from the impact of domestic abuse, and to help mothers in understanding their child’s experiences and support their recovery.
  • It promotes the well-being of children and mothers through validating their experiences, safety planning, social support, teaching appropriate expression of difficult emotions, and enhancing communication between children and mothers.

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Barnardos, with funding from Tusla, evaluated the TLC Kidz programme in 2018.

A range of positive outcomes were reported by children and mothers post-programme. Outcomes were sustained and often enhanced in the years following the TLC Kidz programme.

These included:

  • Breaking the silence and isolation regarding domestic abuse
  • Appropriate expression and regulation of difficult emotions (for example, anger, anxiety, sadness)
  • Knowing how to keep safe and able to identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviours
  • Warm, open mother-child relationships
  • Improved child confidence in peer and family interactions and ability to cope with everyday life
  • Improved school engagement and involvement with sports and social activities
  • Improved child physical health and emotional and behavioural wellbeing
  • Mothers more actively engaged in their community, for example, employment, starting new courses, engaging with services, and getting involved in social activities
  • Evidence of generalised benefits to siblings who had not attended the programme


What group members say

I felt a bit sad before the group… talking about my feelings made me feel good.
12 year old

It made me broaden my skills as a parent, as opposed to just looking at it from my own point of view, more aware of what was going on with them.Mother of 12 year old

I’m getting on a lot better with my Mam and my brother. We talk and hang out.11 year old