Back to School 2022

Have your say - Back to School 2022

Barnardos 17th  Annual Back to School Survey is now open and aims to shine a light on the real cost of Ireland’s free education system.

Parents and guardians, you are invited to fill out the survey and tell Barnardos how much money you spend on your children’s education – iPads, school books, clothing, footwear, photocopying fees, voluntary contributions and any other additional costs.

The survey is for parents and guardians of both primary and secondary school students



We want to hear from children and young people too!

We also have a short child friendly survey that allows us to hear from children and young people about how they feel about the return to primary and secondary school in September. Our children and young people’s Back to School survey is anonymous and the results will be published alongside the results from our parents’ survey. 
The children and young people’s survey takes around 5 minutes and is suitable for both primary and secondary school pupils. Younger children may need some help from an adult to complete it.

Children & Young People

With the ongoing inflation crisis and cost of living strains, returning to school is expected to be a challenging period for both parents and young people. In addition to the extra costs, parents may have additional concerns about their children returning to school and believe their children require additional supports. Barnardos wants to highlight the concerns of parents and children in advance of the return to school in 2022. 

The survey will be open from June 22 – July 15. 

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