Leave a gift in your Will

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Leave a gift in your will

For most people, our will is one way of looking after the people we care about. We leave something to them in our wills because we want to make sure that they’re OK when we’re gone.

Leaving a gift to Barnardos will help us make sure we can be there for vulnerable children when they need us. Ten, twenty, thirty years from now. Everyone wants children to have the best possible outcomes, you can make sure that happens.

Gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Big ones, small ones and the ones in between. Every gift, no matter what size, helps to transform the lives of children whose well-being is under threat, by supporting them, their families and their communities.

Do you have questions about how to go about leaving a gift in your will?

The first thing that we would recommend doing is to get in touch with a solicitor. They are best placed to help you write your will, making sure that everything is done correctly and legally.

If you already have a will, and would like to change it to include a gift to charity, they will be able to advise you on this too.

You can also have a read of our frequently asked questions.

We appreciate that making these decisions is a big deal and we want to do our best to help. If you would like us to send you more information about leaving a gift in your will, fill out your details below and we’ll pop one of our brochures in the post to you.

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Your act of kindness is literally a gift of a better life to hundreds of at-risk children – thank you.