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Pass it On - Include a gift in your Will

“What I Hope To Pass On With A Gift To Barnardos In My Will” – Gráinne O’Kelly

Coming home to a hot dinner. Getting help with your homework. Knowing there’s someone there when you need to talk.

These are the things I had as a child, and I believe every child deserves them.

After my dad died, my mum was left to raise me and my sister on her own. We were one of the lucky ones. We had a house to live in. And we had our neighbours and friends, and a whole community looking out for us. But I know the sacrifices my mum made so that we could have a good life. My sister and I were lucky.

Not every child is as lucky as we were.

That’s why I support Barnardos. And it’s why I’ve chosen to leave a gift to Barnardos in my Will.

I want to pass on the best parts of my childhood to children in the future. Children who won’t have the opportunities I had as a child, or have the huge circle of support I had around me when I was growing up.

I see my gift as my way of staying on in the world and doing my little part to give children in the future who won’t be born as lucky, every chance to grow up happy and reach their potential.

A happy childhood starts with a gift in your Will to Barnardos. Together we can pass that on.

Mam passed on a happy childhood to my sister and I. That was her superpower. Now I want to pass it on, to a new generation, with a gift in my Will to Barnardos. Will you join me?

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