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Plugged In Switched Off

Plugged in, Switched off was webinar and workshop held on the 30th March 2021 aimed at parents and professionals working with children. 

It is a fact that since Covid restrictions, our lives are increasingly online. Insights from the Barnardos Online Safety workshops in schools, as well as our frontline work with vulnerable families, suggest that families are finding this a challenge. Parents are facing meltdowns from children who don’t want to stop their video games, teachers are seeing concentration levels drop in class. In turn, children are saying “put your phone away and play with me”. 

Supported by, this webinar and workshops addressed the issue of Digital Wellbeing and Screen Time for children. We hope it empowered parents and professionals with tools and strategies to help manage children’s Screen Time and Digital Wellbeing.

Summary Report

Our first webinar about digital wellbeing and screen time took place on March 30th 2021. Feel free to download the summary here.

Speakers and experts

Keynote Speaker Joanna Fortune

Joanna Fortune (MICP; MIFPP; Reg Pract APPI; CTTTS; ApSup PTI) is an accredited psychotherapist and attachment specialist. She is the author of the 15-Minute Parenting series of books, host of the 15-minute parenting podcast.

Moderator Anton Savage

Anton Savage is an Irish Broadcaster and General Manager and Head of Public Relations at Carr Communications.

Almudena Lara, Child Safety Lead at Google

Almudena will talk about the core products that Google can offer families to help manage their Screen time and Digital Wellbeing.

Our Partners

Since September 2019, with support from, we are rolling out a 5 year online safety programme across the country, with the aim of reaching 1,000 schools and 75,000 students overall. As part of this Barnardos/Google partnership, we signpost to Be Internet Legends, a free multifaceted programme designed to teach younger children (age 7-11 year olds) about online safety. There are family guides for parents and lesson plans for teachers and can be used as a ‘before’ or ‘after’ teaching resources to our workshops.